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GJKKO leaves Vangjush Dako in prison

GJKKO leaves Vangjush Dako in prison

The former head of the municipality of Durrës, Vangjush Dako, remained in prison.

GJKKO has today made the decision regarding the security measure for Dako dh eka imposed after a five-hour 'prison arrest' session against him.


Before the court, the former mayor denied the accusations of SPAK.

He gave clarifications regarding the tender for the purchase of the project for the development of the coastline, from the area of ​​Bryl to Currila, with the claim that I had no knowledge and everything was in the hands of the specialists.

As for the building permit, Dako stated that he did not know how many floors the building has.


Vangjush Dako and his former colleagues in the municipality are accused of abuse of office and falsification of documents in two cases. It is about a building that started with 7 floors in 2010 and completed 11 floors in 2014 and was damaged by the earthquake in 2019. The builder of the building, Fiqiri Farruku, was also arrested for this. In this case, Vangjush Dako, the Director of the Directorate of Control and Planning of the Territory, Adhurim Qehajaj, is accused. Architect Ermal Lama, designer Meri Semini, surveyors Fatmir Ejupi and Adrian Bulku.

The second case concerns a tender dated March 25, 2014 for consulting services, the provision of a project called "Implementation design for the Coastal Promenade and the public beach from Elbow to Currila". Vangjush Dako and the working group consisting of Adhurim Qehajaj, Diana Dedja, Adnan Tocila are accused of this, members whose task was to determine the terms of reference and the limit fund.

Initially, the limit fund of the said tender was 21 million ALL, but because the surface of the project was changed from 2.04 hectares to 20.4 hectares, the value reached 210 million ALL. Although KLSH requested in 2015 that measures be taken to recover the damage, not only was this not done, but the company paid off 40% of the remaining value, causing damage to the state of 18 million ALL.

Exactly the "mistake" with a decimal point was the reason for the 10-fold increase in the value of the tender for the beach promenade in Durrës. The tender dated March 25, 2014 was also denounced by Ferdinand Xhaferraj, chairman of the DP in Durrës, in 2020.


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