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Attacks in the north of Kosovo, Karamuço: The weapons were Russian, the aggressors spoke Russian

Attacks in the north of Kosovo, Karamuço: The weapons were Russian, the

Criminalistics expert, Ervin Karamuço, has revealed details about the attack in Kosovo, in Leposavic.

Invited to "Top Story", Karamuço said that the weapons were Russian and that the aggressors who attacked spoke Russian inside the monastery.

 According to Karamuço, two "non-women" were present, one from the Serbian List and the other Aleksandër Vulin, the sanctioned minister.

"The Russian company has provided logistics support. All weapons are theirs. The engine is not a Serbian product, but a Russian one, it is a gift that came to the Serbian army from the Russian army. They spoke Russian, there is evidence that inside the monastery they spoke Russian, some of them participated in Ukraine for Wagner and in order not to be understood they spoke Russian.

If you look at their radios, it's hard to eavesdrop, Serbia sells 1 billion dollars of armaments in a contracted manner. It has a very large arsenal. There are 7 million inhabitants and they are the most armed population in Europe. The armament was for 400 people, the armored truck was to bring in the materials and attack the institutions of Kosovo. Some of the policemen there I have had students and they tell me that there are two non-women, one from the Serbian list and Vulini, they are implicated, because these troops do not come to Kosovo without the approval of the secret service", said Karamuço .

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