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Why do insurance companies ask you to insure you and then rush your life to get money when you have an accident?

Why do insurance companies ask you to insure you and then rush your life to get

Answer :

Dear reader. The insurance market itself is a segment of the financial market where businesses and citizens try to "save" from the probability of a loss occurring (an event that causes negative financial consequences). To prevent such a possibility that is accompanied by financial costs, businesses and citizens transfer this risk to Insurance Companies.

In order to benefit from this "privilege", i.e. to get rid of the risk of financial costs that cause damage, businesses and citizens must pay a price (called the premium of the insurance contract), which is many times smaller than the cost of damage if it occurs. These premiums are income for insurance companies, which are financial institutions specialized precisely to take on such a risk, of course trying to spread the risk with different financial means.

At the core of this process of spreading risk, they insure millions of businesses and/or citizens who never experience the same harm at the same time, or in most cases, never at all.

We must understand that even financial institutions are businesses that tend to maximize profit. In other words, there is a negative perception in the public that financial institutions take our money for nothing, without offering us anything, when in reality it is not the truth. Financial intermediaries (in this case insurance companies) assume the financial risk and as such, must successfully manage the flow of income from the premiums paid by citizens and the expenses they incur for staff as well as the expenses for the financial costs they pay when damages occur.

If expenses for damages were greater than income, it is logical that these institutions would go bankrupt.

So, exactly the behavior of Insurance Companies should be seen as businesses. They do marketing and advertising for the products and services they offer in order to attract more customers who buy insurance policies. This is the reason that not only insurance companies, but every business does marketing to attract customers.

As for the difficulty in paying damages, this is due to the administrative bureaucracy (documentary part), which must be complete and accurate. If the insurance companies did not make the documentary process correct, the abusers would increase and this would increase the financial costs, causing these companies to go bankrupt.

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