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Attack in Paris, one dead, two injured

Attack in Paris, one dead, two injured

A man has died and two other people have been injured, as a result of an attack with a knife and a hammer, on a street in the center of Paris.

The attack happened near the Eiffel Tower, shortly before 9:00 p.m., on Saturday.

A 26-year-old French citizen, known to the security authorities, has been arrested, and prosecutors have launched investigations.

Officials have confirmed that the murdered man was a German citizen.

The French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, said that the victim, born in 1999, was with his wife when he was attacked to death.

He said that the woman's life was saved after the intervention of a taxi driver, and the suspect fled near the Seine River.

The man then attacked two other people, one in the eye with a hammer, the minister said.

The other two injured people were treated in an emergency and are out of danger.

Darmanin said the suspect was heard shouting "Allahu Akbar [God is the greatest]" and told police he was upset because "many Muslims are dying in Afghanistan and Palestine."

He said the suspect had been in prison for four years after being convicted of another attack in 2016, and was on the watch list of the security services.

According to the minister, the suspect has faced mental disorders in the past./rel

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