Johnson goes to the US to ask for help for Ukraine

Johnson goes to the US to ask for help for Ukraine

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet Republican lawmakers this week as he presses the US to back aid to Ukraine.

Johnson is scheduled to speak at a private Republican caucus in Washington tonight, said Joe Wilson, a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

He will meet with a group of Republican senators, US Sen. Todd Young said Monday, although he said he was not aware of the exact timing of the talks.

Johnson will then discuss the need for "Western unity and support for Ukraine and what more can be done against the threat posed by Russia" at the Atlantic Council think tank.

On a trip to Ukraine this month, Johnson visited Borodyanka and Bucha, suburbs of the capital Kiev that have become a byword in the West for Russian atrocities.

Moscow denies accusations by Ukraine and its Western allies that it has committed war crimes. Johnson has since argued for Ukraine's admission to the NATO security alliance.

"The Ukrainians must be given everything they need to end this war as quickly as possible, and we must begin the process of Ukraine's admission to NATO and begin it now," he said.

Source: Sky News

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