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Two helicopters crash in the US: Nine confirmed dead

Two helicopters crash in the US: Nine confirmed dead

Nine people have died after two US military helicopters crashed Wednesday night in the state of Kentucky, officials confirmed.

The incident involved the 101st Airborne Division and occurred during a training mission near a military base.

Military officials confirmed that nine service members died, saying it was a "truly tragic loss".

The crash happened around 10:00 p.m. local time (02:00 GMT), near the Fort Campbell military base.

It is unclear what caused the crash and an investigation into what happened is underway.

In a statement to BBC News earlier, a US military spokesman said two HH60 Blackhawk helicopters crashed during "a routine training mission".

The command is currently focused on caring for service members and their families. Asked by the BBC whether the two helicopters had collided, the spokesman said he was "unable to confirm the specifics at this time".


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