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The number of sick people in Israel's prisons is increasing

The number of sick people in Israel's prisons is increasing

The number of sick prisoners in Israeli prisons has exceeded 750, and 23 of them are sick with cancer. The Association of Prisoners and Releasees Vaid, which operates in Gaza, made a statement regarding the health condition of Palestinians in Israeli prisons and their neglect.

In the statement, which states that Israel implements a "systematic policy of medical negligence" against Palestinians in prisons, it is emphasized that the requests of sick Palestinians for examination, surgery and transfer to clinics have been denied.

It is said that the number of sick detainees in prisons has increased to over 750 and 23 of them have been diagnosed with cancer. It has been reported that the health condition of Walid Dhaka and Asif er-Rufai, Palestinian cancer patients in Israeli prisons, is very serious.

Sick Palestinian prisoners and the Israeli practice of "medical negligence"

According to the Palestinian Commission of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners, there are 4,900 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

Following the death of Palestinian prisoner Hidir Adnan in prison on May 2, on the 87th day of his hunger strike against Israel's "administrative detention," Israel's medical neglect of Palestinian prisoners came to the fore again.

Sick Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons, especially Walid Dhaka and Asif er-Rufai, who have cancer, demand that the treatment they need not be delayed and that their medical follow-up be intensified. Sick detainees, who want to supplement their meals, request that food be given according to their health condition.

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