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The rate of crime against politicians in Germany is increasing

The rate of crime against politicians in Germany is increasing

Germany is facing a dangerous escalation of political aggression, as the country has experienced a sharp increase in attacks against people who are active in the political scene, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has said.

"We must put an end to this spiral", said the social-democratic politician in an article written for the Saturday edition of the German newspaper, Welt.

Last year, 3,691 criminal offenses were registered against public party officials, and 80 of them were violent. This figure represents an 85 percent increase compared to 2022, when 1,994 violations were registered.

"These people have been threatened, their offices have been attacked, their homes have been surrounded, their private properties have been damaged or destroyed ," Faeser wrote.

On Tuesday next week she plans to present statistics on politically motivated crimes recorded in 2023. She has mentioned in particular the attack on German MP Matthias Ecke, who was beaten and then taken to hospital in the city of Dresden, at the beginning of May.

"It is a painful combination of a large number of attempts at intimidation, threats and acts of violence in recent weeks. We must show that the constitutional state will not tolerate this approach", she said.

The German minister has noticed that the rate of attacks has recently increased against volunteers, police officials and search and rescue personnel./ REL

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