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Sunak in the campaign, promises refugee penetrations in Rwanda if re-elected

Sunak in the campaign, promises refugee penetrations in Rwanda if re-elected

After announcing new elections on July 4, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak promised voters today that flights to Rwanda "have been booked" for July.

He sought to convince the public in Derbyshire that his re-election would be the 'best option' for the British people.

"If you re-elect me as prime minister, refugee flights to Rwanda will begin immediately," he said.

Again on the subject of illegal arrivals in the country, he added:

"How to stop the rafts? This requires a clear solution and plan. Because there must be justice, it is not known that there are people who enter without a queue. Irregular arrivals must be stopped. That is why we now have Rwanda, this should be clear to everyone. If you come to our country illegally, you will not stay, we will take you to a safe alternative."

Sunak continued to speak to a small audience who appeared to be from the working class, in the images from the AFP network:

“Your choice for me is clear because Labour's Keir Starmer is going to stop this scheme, you understand? He will stop it altogether, Biles has also talked about an amnesty for immigrants... I don't want the country to become a magnet for illegal immigrants, this is not right for our security, I think that the security of the borders is critical".

"On economic security, you know I want to do that for you, so we're cutting taxes, by an average of £900, and of course you won't get that from Labor either. When they run out of your money, they will raise taxes again the next day."

“He [Labour opposition leader Keir Starmer] wants to tell you the election is over before it's even started, but British people take nothing for granted. We will build a fair system for all. There are people who say I'm cruel, heartless, but I don't care. This is nonsense. We will create a fair system of social support"./AFP/

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