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Vucic talks with Scholz about the Association

Vucic talks with Scholz about the Association

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, said that he talked with the chancellor regarding the situation of Serbs living in Kosovo and the issue of the Association of Serb-majority municipalities. The Serbian leader, through a post on Instagram, said that during the telephone conversation he informed the German chancellor "in detail about the almost unbearable situation for the Serbian community in Kosovo", but also about "the continuous avoidance of Pristina from fulfilling its accepted obligations and signed, separately in relation to the formation of the Association".

Within the dialogue for the normalization of relations, which is mediated by the European Union, Kosovo and Serbia have reached two agreements for the establishment of the Association, in 2013 and 2015.

But, in 2015, the Constitutional Court of Kosovo found that the Agreement on the principles for the establishment of the Association was not in full harmony with the highest legal act of the state, saying that it should be harmonized through sub-legal acts. However, successive governments of Kosovo refused to implement the agreement, expressing fear that such a single association could affect the proper functioning of the state.

Germany, together with other countries in the EU, but also the United States, constantly call on Kosovo to establish the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority. The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has also said that the executive he leads refuses to accept that the Association is a condition for the country's admission to the Council of Europe organization.

"The government does not accept the conditionality of membership in KiE with the Association. For the normalization of relations with Serbia, we talk in Brussels, not in Strasbourg" , Kurti said on May 8.

Kosovo and Serbia also reached an agreement last year on the way to normalizing relations. However, the EU, as mediator of the dialogue, has said that the parties have not started the implementation of the agreement nor the Annex for its implementation.

The 11-article agreement, among other things, foresees a level of self-management for the Serbian community in Kosovo and mutual recognition of state symbols, while asking Pristina and Belgrade to also implement all previous agreements reached during the dialogue.

Vucic, during the conversation with Scholz, also asked Germany for support in the path of European integration.

"I reiterated that Serbia constantly advocates for the intensification of diplomatic activities in the context of all current conflicts and open issues burdening Europe and the Western Balkan region, which it has always demonstrated in all forums and initiatives," Vucic wrote on the account his Instagram.

There are currently ten countries in the EU enlargement process, including six countries from the Western Balkans. Of the countries that are in this process, nine have the status of a candidate country, while only Kosovo does not have that status. Kosovo had applied for EU membership in December 2022, but its request has not been reviewed by the European Union./rel

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