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Majko: There is no chemistry between Rama and Kurt

Majko: There is no chemistry between Rama and Kurt

Former Prime Minister, currently MP of the Socialist Party, Pandeli Majko has expressed reservations about the relationship between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti.

Invited to ABC News, according to Majko, there is no chemistry between the two Albanian prime ministers.

"I think there are at least two reasons that make Edi Rama behave like a Dane, or half-Danish. First, Albania has just assumed a role regarding the issue of European integration in the region. Second, Albania has a different status from all the countries in the region, it has a seat in the Security Council. Both of these elements do not make Albania less important or less attractive.

 They make it important to intervene at the right moment, having these two mechanisms, to stand by Kosovo. But since Albania at this moment is totally on the side of Kosovo, the Minister of Interior and Foreign Affairs went to Pristina after the event. I think that this is the consequence of a crisis that happened when the joint meeting of the two governments was not carried out.

It is no secret to say that there is no chemistry between Rama and Albini, or there is no chemistry that the previous prime ministers had. Albania at this moment has the alpha and omega of its foreign policy, it has Kosovo ", he emphasized.


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