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'Clash' in SP/ Braçe accusations against Balla: He ordered the repeal of the amendments for agriculture

'Clash' in SP/ Braçe accusations against Balla: He ordered the

A "clash" has arisen between the socialists. Deputy Erion Braçe has accused the head of the parliamentary group, Taulant Balla, of ordering the blocking of the amendment that protects the farmer in relation to the trader.

The amendments were filed a few months ago by Brace. The latter mocks Balla by emphasizing that his attitude came after he found out that Brace is against the socialist government. He says that Balla's order reflects ignorance, malice and pride.

"In the law today, we only have a term to protect traders, the relations between them, nothing for the farmer in relation to the trader. Since June, the legal proposal I made has been blocked; 5 weeks ago the proposal was on the calendar to be discussed in the committees of the plenary session; But again it was blocked illegally outside any parliamentary procedure, by the chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party! Why? Because exactly he has discovered that I am against the government of the Socialist Party and that the law contradicts its policies!!!!!!!

So, without any effect on the state budget, to propose that farmers receive the money for the goods sold to collectors, within 50 days, is it against the government and the Socialist Party?! This is it! On Thursday, he ordered a vote against a small, concrete help for cattle farmers, their work, simply because it was my proposal; an order that reflects ignorance-ignorance, malice, pride, which are heard among those who consider the order an instrument of power, power. It has blocked for months a movement that helps and guarantees farmers to receive the money for their work and effort; completely illegally," Braçe says through a video message.

He further raises the question of what a deputy should do to protect the public interest, while saying that he should look for another job.

"At this point, I have a question: What should a deputy do to do his job, to protect the workers of the broader sector of the national economy, agriculture? I tell them myself: He must look for another job! Air!" - adds Brace.

It is not the first time that the latter gives signals that he may resign from the mandate of the deputy.

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