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May 14/ Kelliçi: Even the administration of the Municipality will punish Veliaj with a vote

May 14/ Kelliçi: Even the administration of the Municipality will punish

The candidate of the Opposition for the Municipality of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, has expressed that the administration of Veliaj has also suffered from contempt, violent treatment and violation of dignity by superiors.

Kelliçi said that the methods being used by Veliaj and the government, with intimidation, and with the applications as an activist, with the strict monitoring of the officials, will receive a well-deserved punishment with a vote on May 14.

" I am convinced that even within the staff, within the administration of the Municipality, I will win, because they are also waiting impatiently to punish this model", asserted Kelliçi.

In an interview for Rtv Ora Kelliçi said that " the patience of the administration itself, which takes away their dignity, despises them every day, desecrates their dignity every day for the salary they are given by asking them for likes, comments, shares, has come the spirit on the tip of the nose. The biggest complaints come to me from within the municipality of Tirana because they want to escape from this nightmare ."

The candidate of the Opposition called the methods of patronage slanderous and disturbing, but said that he is convinced that these will influence the citizens, in silence, to reject and condemn him by voting on May 14.

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