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The 7 candidates of the DP primaries give the reasons why they are running for the Municipality of Tirana

The 7 candidates of the DP primaries give the reasons why they are running for

The 7 candidates in the PD primaries, Belind Kelliçi, Gert Bogdani, Ilir Alimehmeti, Adriana Kalaja, Enkeleida Fejzo, Fatmir Merkoçi, Julian Deda, were invited this evening to the show "Opinion" where they gave the reasons for their candidacy for the Municipality of Tirana.

Julian Deda: I am running because I think that Tirana or Albanian politics needs an atypical person, in relation to politics or doing politics in our country today. Tirana or Albania is in this state because the politicians have worked badly, it lacks the spirit of a person who maybe feels more for the people. I am not very new to DP, I am also a member of it and a person who has worked in DP structures not only for elections. Apart from the fact that we have a poor model that runs Tirana today.

Belind Kelliçi: Tirana has been seriously damaged in these years. I'm all based on public perception. Great damage has been done to the capital in these 8 years. Our future has been stolen, decisions have been made that affect the budget of Tirana. These are crimes that have been committed in these 8 years in Tirana. These damages that have been done to Tirana, I can no longer stand as a citizen of this city, an eyewitness of the destruction of the city where I live.

Enkeleida Fejzo: I decided to run for Tirana Municipality candidate because I offered to eradicate the mayor's model, offering the contribution of acting differently. Regardless of the status we have and I think from my courage, all of us together bring a positive change. I think the moment has come to think only about the citizen.

Gerti Bogdani: I want to run in Tirana, where I grew up, because countless citizens have asked me to. I think this city can be done. Tirana still has a chance to do it, but there is no more time to lose. Tirana should not be the city where crime money is laundered, turning this city into a laundromat of dirty money. I am running because I believe I will win Tirana.

Adriana Kalaja: There is a crying need for the Municipality of Tirana to return to the tracks of law enforcement. Tirana Municipality to implement the legal provisions. We have countless cases where various criminal offenses have been committed, and they have been reported to SPAK. Justice has been served today, that's why I ran. The Municipality of Tirana must return to the law and to implement the cause of my life: Returning the theater as it was and where it was.

Ilir Alimehmeti: Përditë ne jetojmë në këtë Tiranë, e shohim si harrohet trashëgimia e saj kulturore. Ose marr rrugën jetoj jashtë me bashkëshorten time, ose marr kalamajtë shkoj jashtë, ose vendos të bëj këtë që po bëj dhe të përpiqem të ndryshoj një qytet që është i pajetueshëm dhe të administroj një qytet ashtu siç kam administruar shëndetësinë.

Fatmir Merkoçi: In 32 years, I have not held any political or state function. I was evaluated for my values ​​and contributions by branch No. 9 and why I am not a resident of it, and I appreciated this evaluation that they gave me and I entered to run, to give a new face to Albanian politics, to the DP and to be an obligation to the city where I have given everything, I have also given my life, despite the fact that I am alive today. I felt it as an indisputable obligation and with absolute faith that I have the fight with Rama and this is the first battle that I will win against Rama.




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