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Alimehmeti: The government's VKM for Medicine was overthrown by the German chancellor

Alimehmeti: The government's VKM for Medicine was overthrown by the German

The member of the Tirana Municipal Council, Ilir Alimehmeti, commented on the protest of medical students who opposed the government's law to hold diplomas hostage.

Invited to Syri Tv, Alimehmeti emphasized that Rama received the answer from German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who told him in a joint conference that Europe will remain loyal to its decision on the free movement of people and that one thing approved by the Albanian government does not see from the West, but from the East.

Alimehmeti:  Since when did this discussion start, that it started in October 2022, when the Prime Minister said this idea for the first time at the Rectors' Conference, and then it was elaborated along the way. On November 23, a VKM no. 741 for the transformation of IALV-e to IALPP because this is where all the rabbits sleep. This is the buzz that means the possibility of transforming public higher education institutions into higher education institutions that are managed by foundations. So any public university goes to the concession scheme.

And along the way this was transformed into a discussion not 1/16th of the cost that the prime minister said at the first health political congress sometime in March. He went and told Chancellor Scholz at the joint conference on March 7, 2023, and the German Chancellor told him very clearly, saying that Europe has worked hard to have the right of free movement between its states, and I remember with horror when it was not it was possible to move from one state to another. We are committed to the free movement of people, said Chancellor Scholz. This was a clear message telling him that you are continuing on a path that is taking you with your eyes to the east and not to the west that the west is speaking.

 And then what was called an accelerated procedure was done when it started in June, July, and it was not accelerated at all. Accelerated when it started somewhere in June July, when the discussion took place in October and it was not accelerated at all, there was all the time needed to do any public consultation. If you look at the draft of the bill, it says there was no public consultation when in fact it is one of the main problems of the public.

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