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"It is a clear signal", Noka points to the statutory change that will be made tomorrow in the Assembly

"It is a clear signal", Noka points to the statutory change that will

The Democratic Party has called the National Assembly tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. where the vote of confidence of the Democratic leader, Sali Berisha, will take place.

In an interview for the show "Pa censure", General Secretary Flamur Noka confirmed that there will be a statutory change that paves the way for the official union with the rest of the MPs led by Gazment Bardhi.

The change consists in the fact that the National Assembly delegates decision-making rights to the National Council for various political situations, as well as for the organization and functioning of the DP.

"Of course, it will be proposed to the Assembly to restore an article that existed in the article of the Democratic Party, until 2014, that in exceptional or special cases, if the Assembly is unable to meet, it will be the National Council that can make an intervention in the statute to adapt according to the situation to political developments or the organization and functioning of the political force.

Some moments in special cases or in exceptional cases some decision-making is delegated to the National Council. So there will be more powers.

It is the demand of every opposition that we be together. The opposite is only in Edi Rama's interest. The decision to make this change is an open door to adapt to internal or other developments. Therefore, power is given to the Council to act as the second full-power body between the Assemblies. I believe this is a clear signal for them. As a parliamentary group, we are united, now we are in talks to continue and achieve total unification" , said Noka.

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