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Berisha: Belinda orders 1,000 euros for a steak, she used 22 million lek for travel

Berisha: Belinda orders 1,000 euros for a steak, she used 22 million lek for

Democratic leader Sali Berisha presented today the candidate for the municipality of Klos, for the local elections of May 14.

Among others, Berisha has listed the violations and affairs of this government, where he also mentioned the trips of the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Belinda Ballukut, for which he said that 22 million ALL were used.

"Belinda, who sits down and orders the steak for 1,000 euros, can the lady who was reading today the disbursements of the Treasury for a trip abroad, as the minister used 22 million lek, cry for your plight. Can we allow them to steal and impoverish us in this way? These elections require us to unite", stated Berisha.

Berisha also stopped at Prime Minister Rama's flights, incinerators and, according to him, artificially inflated public tender contracts.

"Edi Rama, together with his ministers, have behaved towards the state budget, towards borrowed money, like a criminal organization. Instead of returning them to salaries, pensions, roads, water supply, sewers, that your money is, he turns it into loot, like never before. This government is the only one in Europe, the world, that builds the highway in the field with 24 million euros, at a time when in all of Europe, Germany, Switzerland and everywhere, the highway in the field costs 2-3 million euros", said Berisha.

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