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Berisha: The door is open for the contribution and opinion otherwise guaranteed for every democrat

Berisha: The door is open for the contribution and opinion otherwise guaranteed

Berisha: My friends, I have received hundreds and thousands of messages.
But I will quote only two of them. I have one from Albania, a real advocate of democracy and its values, publicist, writer, he wrote to me that he was so happy with this news that I hug every person who comes in front of me on the street.
The next message comes from one of the most prominent friends of this nation, who writes that after receiving this news, I burst into tears for Albania and Albanians out of joy.
Today is the day to humble myself with the greatest respect before every democrat who wrote history in the Assembly of December 11, saving the opposition in Albania!
This is not the story of Sali Berisha, but the story of democracy and oppositionism, it is the embodiment of the axiom that God is with the resistant, with the brave! Thanks God!
No one has proven the truth of this axiom than we, the Albanian democrats.
We tried it during 30 years, at the beginning of pluralism and the overthrow of the dictatorship.
We tried it in 1997, during the communist rebellion when we rose like the Phoenix from the ashes and came back again.
We tried these two years, despite the pressure, injustices and threats, we managed to remain free, not to be caught, not to be sold and above all not to disappear.
We stayed for the FLAG!
We stayed for the FLAG!
Today, democracy flies under this flag.
Today, freedom flies in this flag.
Today, hope flies in this flag.
In this flag today the future battle and victory is waved.
This flag today is a lesson that any battle can be won. And every evil can be overcome!
Today is a good day for every democrat who is not with Sali Berisha, but who is with the Democratic Party, with its flag, as this flag erases every obstacle, every separation between them and the majority of their brothers and sisters!
The door is open to the contribution and different opinion guaranteed for every democrat and democrat!
Sali Berisha did not win today, but democracy did. Today, every Albanian has won who believes that with pluralism taken hostage, freedom does not exist. The only one missing today is Edvin Kristaq Rama.

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