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Berisha gathers the group, orders the deputies: Let's prepare for strong resistance!

Berisha gathers the group, orders the deputies: Let's prepare for strong

Sali Berisha has gathered the democratic group after the plenary session that was held in chaos today. Berisha told the deputies that they should prepare for strong resistance in the Parliament. 

"Parliament cannot have a minute of normal work except for the debate, the motion with debate against Rama. This is like Parliament and we must prepare for strong resistance in Parliament" , said Berisha.

The latter also welcomed their attitude during today's session. Berisha said that Rama is hiding, while accusing him of major corruption.

"What happens two days in a row proves that the majority of crime, drugs, or the dome of crime and drugs, a handful of criminals, such as Balla, Rama, Gjinuri, etc. When they do not stand up and when their president hides from them, in front of the Albanians, hides from everyone except for the mafia and criminal act of the Port of Durrës, they are evidence that the Parliament and Albania vitally need this battle for the overthrow of Edi Rama.

His act of corrupting one of the most powerful officials constitutes a hostile act, an act of shame for every Albanian. We cannot accept a head of government, prime minister like Edi Rama.
Let him come there, we show his face as it is in front of all Albanians. Let's come there and open the debate about this terrible affair where Balla and Gjiknuri are up to their ears," said Berisha.


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