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Berisha with FRPD youth: This country today needs to be saved more than ever. In 8 years, 35% of the population left

Berisha with FRPD youth: This country today needs to be saved more than ever. In

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a meeting at the headquarters with the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party this afternoon.

In his speech to the young people, Berisha focused on the phenomenon of the departure of Albanians, mainly in recent years.

According to Berisha, today the country needs to be saved more than ever, since 35% of the population left in 8 years.

Berisha : The meeting with you is extremely important. It is a meeting at a moment, critical for the country, for democracy, for the future. Three days ago, Eurostat announced that from 2014 to the end of 2022, the number of Albanians left in the EU space alone reached 934 thousand people.

It has therefore reached more than 33% of the population, but if we add here also those who left for non-EU countries, this figure goes to at least 35%. Imagine the situation this nation and this country is in today. When you read these numbers and see you here, everyone can wonder why you haven't run away.

We live today in a time when this country is abandoned and itself is abandoned. Abandoned by night, by day, abandoned by ship, abandoned by land, abandoned by air. I guarantee you that not only the country is being abandoned by the population, but tomorrow is being abandoned for the country. This country, if it continues like this, has no tomorrow, no future.

This country today needs saving more than ever. Wars drive people away, in wars they die from the front, from diseases from many problems. The country that has been reduced the most in history by wars and it was a world war was Poland and it lost 20% of its people, by being killed, by leaving, etc. Albania lost 35% of the country's population in a span of 8 years.

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