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Berisha in Kurbin: You have supported the DP in difficult times, you are strength and the energy of successes

Berisha in Kurbin: You have supported the DP in difficult times, you are

Sali Berisha was present in Kurbin, where he presented the candidate of the coalition "Bashke Fitomjem" for the Municipality of this area, Behat Haxhiu. In his first speech to the supporters, Berisha thanked those present for the support they have given to the Democratic Party and that it has been a strength for overcoming difficulties.

"First of all a boundless gratitude for this ardent reception and a heartfelt apology to all those who remained due to the capacity of the hall, in the courtyard of this palace. I remain indebted and grateful, endlessly."

"Dear democrats of Kurbini, my gratitude and that of the Democratic Party is boundless for the extraordinary support you have given and are giving to the Democratic Party. This support has been the strength, the energy of the successes, of overcoming difficulties by the Democratic Party ."

"I come today with a special sense of satisfaction to present before you as a candidate for the first citizen of Kurbin municipality, one of the most experienced local governors not only of Kurbin, but also of Albania, Behar Haxhiaj. The man who governed as a servant of convinced, dedicated, of the citizens who voted for him. The man who put all his energy into solving the problems and troubles of the municipality and its citizens."

"But Behar Haxhiajn, I have presented him several times before the citizens, but this time I come more prominently than ever before you, because he is the candidate that you chose yourself, that you voted for in a primaries process applied for the first time in this form in Albania and I guarantee you, this is the best standard for determining local governors, party leaders, deputies."

"And with this case, the time when they were candidates for the chairman or chairmanship of the DP has come to an end, on the pedestal today is the member and member of the DP, our supporter, with their dignity and their political will, will be law, once and for all.  Compare our candidates for freedom, Behar, Pashku, Alberti and everywhere in Albania, with the other candidates who have two features."

"First of all, this is about arrests and prisons for stealing day and night. This is the truth, the developments themselves prove it. Second, they are all clones of Edi Rama and have nothing to do with the base of the SP- nor with the SP. Edi Rama has concentrated all the powers in his hand, and has driven away the vote."

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