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Berisha: The opposition has extinguished the civil revolts. It will never happen again

Berisha: The opposition has extinguished the civil revolts. It will never happen

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has stated that there are two reasons that extinguished the civil revolts.

In a conversation with the FRPD youth, Berisha said that the first factor was the opposition under the leadership of Lulzim Basha, while taking as an example the case of the killing of the young Klodian Rasha by a police officer.

"Two factors became the fire extinguishers of the civil revolts. The first factor was the opposition, to tell the truth. I will never forget the attitude of the opposition to the execution at the door of young Rasha's house. At the door of the house, behind his back, they seem to enter his house. There could be no force to prevent the opposition from filling the squares. There are a series of other cases. These will never happen again. Even Astiri, a heroic citizen resistance, 420 days. Limited, delivered, localized support.

The Theatre, a story of shame for the opposition, a story of honor for the artists and citizens who made the most determined resistance, and the opposition found no motive to protect a national symbol such as the Theatre. I say these things will never happen again.

There was also another factor. In some cases there have been groups and others who do not want to politicize us. We no longer ask for anything, what is right... I am here in front of you to tell all the groups, organizations and so on, that we as democrats will stand up for any right cause. There is nothing stopping us. You are welcome to join us! Don't you want? We will always go out.”


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