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Berisha: Rama's proposal, which came from Vucic's officials

Berisha: Rama's proposal, which came from Vucic's officials

The head of the DP, Sali Berisha, commented on Prime Minister Rama's proposal for resolving relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Invited to "Debate" on A2 CNN, he considered Rama's proposal as a proposal coming from the Belgrade government officials and Aleksandër Vucic.

"First, I want to emphasize that as an act this constitutes the most brutal intervention that a country can do in the affairs of another country.

Secondly, all documents in which Edi Rama is directly implicated originated only in Belgrade.

I want to remind you Albanians for a moment, until 2013 the progress of the negotiation process in Brussels between Kosovo and Serbia was normal. Everything changed when Edi Rama came to power.

What are the attributes of the Albanian prime minister and in what role can he propose a solution between Kosovo and Serbia?

Absolutely only as a vassal of Aleksandër Vucic. A man, who at first sight is a party to Kosovo because he is Albanian, cannot present any credible project for the opposing party.

But by the way, this man has almost no communication and he said himself that in Bratislava he did not meet either the President or the Prime Minister of Kosovo, but he met the President of Serbia for two days.

This man with Vucic's credentials only complicates the solution of the problem much further.

This is a proposal that came from the officials of the Belgrade government, from Aleksandër Vucic, who at a critical moment for Kosovo, took out his letter and told him: you will read these", said Berisha.



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