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Berisha: The traffickers of the towers voted in parliament today! Rama receives 30 percent for each construction permit he signs

Berisha: The traffickers of the towers voted in parliament today! Rama receives

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has commented on the approval of the law on protected areas today in the Parliament as a proposal of the majority.

According to Berisha, the traffickers of the towers voted in the parliament today, while Edi Rama receives 30 percent for every construction permit he signs.

BerishaThe public prosecutor certainly does not have the power to send criminals to where they belong. But the public prosecutor from this stand, from this platform, has all the moral power to hang them on the pillar of shame of the Albanian nation, figuratively.
It has all the power to do them the moral trial. To give Edi Rama the trial he deserves.
The man who conquered the parliament with his Linda.

It uses it as a den of interests of the most criminal clans.
MPs did not vote in parliament today. Today the drug traffickers who disfigure Tirana with the monuments of drugs and corruption voted. With the towers of drugs and corruption and the bank accounts of Edi Rama swelling with hundreds of millions of euros.
Today it was decided that their barbarism will flow towards our heritage of hundreds and thousands of years. Towards our parks.
But why? It's just that Edi Rama gets his percentage in every construction, in every permit.
Imagine, my friends, can you imagine a prime minister in the world signing a construction permit for both the 70-story tower and the two-story building of Carlo Bolino. Does this exist anywhere in the world? It exists only where everything is done in function of his pocket.
Because behind his firm, as is often said, at least 30 percent of the construction industry stands. In 10 floors, three floors. In 30 floors, 10 floors of Rama.
When they turn 60, pocket the 20s.
But he does not allow investigative commissions because they will bring all this to the light of day.

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