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Boçi: Investigative commissions and constitutional law, changing the law is an arbitrary act

Boçi: Investigative commissions and constitutional law, changing the law

The vice-president of the Democratic Party, Luciano Boçi, spoke this Thursday about the political situation in the country, and the government's attempts to change the law of investigative commissions.

Invited to Syri Tv, Boçi said that investigative commissions should be set up as the constitution provides, while the majority wants to change the law and then respect it.

Boçi: " Since the critics have the opposite attitude in relation to what they said before, I have a request for those who are removed as lovers of the law. First, to really love the law, you must respect the law as it is written, and then if you continue to respect it, you will seek those changes that are considered public good.

The public good in the parliament prevails in the control of how public funds are spent and is sanctioned in the law and regulation of the assembly where the opposition plays and exercises its work, in the control and illegal contracts.

The law must be applied and not that it does not suit him, that he will change it to say wait, that I will change it once and then respect it, no, the law is respected now and investigative commissions are set up and if there are places to improve and the opposition will get the majority when the changes are made and the opposition will really have its performance in these commissions ."

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