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The statement of the US embassy, ​​Berisha reacts

The statement of the US embassy, ​​Berisha reacts

Key Democrat Sali Berisha reacted today after the statement of the American embassy the day before.

Berisha said that he is inspired by Martin Luther King who, according to him, fought for the truth.

The chief democrat said that he welcomes the fact that the US said that it does not interfere in the internal affairs of the parties.

" Half of the message says that the US does not interfere in the internal affairs of the parties, it is their right to choose. This is exactly what I welcome.

If there is one person who has made efforts in 32 years to elect people with their vote, this is Sali Berisha. I will return a very private and unusual thing.

The idol, everyone has their idols, the idol of my life was Martin Luther. I am Muslim, Sunni, proud of my faith. But I have to be honest with you.

When I found theses and writings, it impressed me to the most extraordinary degree. And it has affected me. You must read it. This person.

For me, I am not a Christian, but he was the anti-corruption saint after all and he has served humanity with those theses perhaps more than anyone else.

But he has another problem when it comes to his conscience. He remains so faithful to his conscience that he inspires every man who fights for the truth. I said that I idolize Martin Luther. This is the answer to the message.”


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