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The violence that internationals did not talk about

The violence that internationals did not talk about


By Albana Vokshi

After yesterday's protest, the third in a row in front of the town hall, organized by the Alliance for the Protection of the Theatre, the police escorted some young people in violation of the law. Many are searching or proceeding at large.

One of the arrested is Franc Kaloshi, a member of the Presidency of PD Branch 11 Tirana.

They arrested him in violation of the law, at 6 in the morning, with 3 vans and 30 police officers conducting terror checks.

Just because he participated in a protest against Erion Veliaj's band of thieves.

They arrested him at night even though the law prohibits it between 8:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

Even though Franci was at his parents' house and wasn't going anywhere. Although in the protest he did not use violence and did not violate any law, on the contrary, he protested democratically for his rights and those of other citizens of Tirana.

Well, no international spoke about the infiltrated persons, without uniforms, without identification numbers or names, who violently dragged the protesters away.

No one spoke about the violence of the police that in the middle of the night and in the middle of the terror they arrested you just because you protested against the violation of rights, corruption, theft scandals.

Aakush did not speak about those convicted of murder in Italy recruited and infiltrated into the crowd by Erjon Veliaj to terrorize the protesters.

No one spoke about the lack of democracy in Albania...

The violence exercised by the police on the order of Taulant Balla testifies to the last throes of a government rotten by crime and corruption, which even the silence of the international community cannot cure.

Today or never!!

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