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Cultural Heritage Day/ Zhupa from Butrin: We are dealing with government looting, DP will continue the battle

Cultural Heritage Day/ Zhupa from Butrin: We are dealing with government

Today, on the national day of cultural heritage, the Democratic Party has brought back the case of the ancient city of Butrint, the most famous archaeological center in Albania, which is expected to be managed for the next ten years by a new agency. 

Democratic deputy, Ina Zhupa denounces again from Butrint that this case proves that we are dealing with government looting, but adds that PD will continue the battle for the ancient city.

Full statement:

Today is the national day of Cultural Heritage. In 1916, 3 soldiers defended our cultural heritage, defended Apollonia in the First World War against the looting they wanted to do at that time.

Today we have a different kind of looting, we have government looting that is being done to our cultural heritage.

I am in Butrint. Butrint is one of the pearls of our cultural heritage, but also an area protected by UNESCO, world cultural heritage. Which we should protect, which we should be proud of. For which the Albanian state should provide all the necessary resources to manage and administer it. But no, he chose to give it with a concession. He has chosen to give the pearl of our cultural heritage to PPP.

Also from Butrint I want to remember the sad events of our cultural heritage of its management. Since the collapse of the national theater in the middle of the pandemic with the artists inside and today we have just a ruin there. And to the other management plans to provide with PPP, Durrës, Drilon, Palace of Brigades and many other sites of our cultural heritage.

This is not the way to manage cultural heritage. This is simply the way to enrich a group of oligarchs and make the next prime minister for their own interests in international relations.

The Democratic Party will continue the battle for Butrint. I will continue the battle for Butrint in the Constitutional Court. But not only that. We promise all Albanians that the cultural heritage will change its face when the Democratic Party takes over the administration of the local government and tomorrow the administration of the central government.

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