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"Justice today is a section of Rama's party", Berisha: Salaries in Albania are 50% lower than in Kosovo

"Justice today is a section of Rama's party", Berisha: Salaries

Sali Berisha spoke about the mass departure of Albanians over the past few years, leaving behind a very large void. Present in Kurbin, the chief democrat declared that Albania has no justice and today it is a section of Edi Rama's party.

"My friends! Albania these 8 years, anyone who stops and analyzes, finds that there is an extraordinary upheaval, there is a desolation that it has never known in its history, there is a growing impoverishment. There is a complete lack of order , a destruction of services, destruction of institutions."

"Albania today has no justice, what is called justice today is a section of Edi Rama's party. All this constitutes a real drama and has one result: the mass departure of Albanians from Albania. In 8 years they left Kurbini, from Albania, more than 1/3 left, more than one generation."

"Justice today is a section of Rama's party", Berisha: Salaries

"In 8 years, not only 1/3 of the residents left, more than 1/3 of the doctors left, almost half of the doctors left. Today, we have almost as many doctors per capita as in the 60s. Today, we have as many doctors per capita than we had in the 60s. Today, teachers leave education as soon as they find the slightest opportunity."

"Today 2,500-3,000 policemen have submitted their resignations, today half of the Albanian military have submitted their resignations. All this for one reason, because their salaries, with the salaries they receive, cannot afford life. Today the teacher in
Kosovo , 50-70% more than the teacher in Albania."

"The doctor in Kosovo receives twice the salary of the doctor in Albania. The police officer in Kosovo receives a 50% higher salary. I am not taking Montenegro, because there are much higher ones."

"What happened to us, why this? In 2013, we reached an achievement of our lives, because we were the poorest, but in 2013 we handed over power when Albanians had the highest salaries in the region, the most higher than the Bulgarians and Romanians who were in the EU."

"Salaries were doubled, pensions were doubled, but why? Because that was the main goal of the government. Because there has not been one elected by the vote of the citizens that does not have the number 1 goal, to return the citizens to salaries, pensions, services, taxes theirs. The taxes that citizens pay on every glass of water, bite of bread, on everything they buy, they are to maintain the administration and then for the citizen, his reward, roads, schools, water supply, sewerage."


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