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Edi Paloka: Does Yuri read the DASH reports or what?

Edi Paloka: Does Yuri read the DASH reports or what?
The US Department of State has published a report this Monday in which it is written about several problems highlighted in the Rama government, from corruption to pressure on the media and the judiciary.
Regarding the report, the deputy of the Democratic Party, Edi Raloka, reacted.

In a post on "Facebook", Paloka attacks the ambassador of the United States of America, Yuri Kim, who has often been positioned on the side of the Rama government.
"Does Yuri read the DASH reports or what does he need", writes Paloka.

We recall that the report included shortcomings with the independence and integrity of the judiciary; lack of independent media; and ongoing corruption in governance, law enforcement, and local institutions.

Although the constitution provides for an independent judiciary, "political pressure, intimidation, corruption and limited resources prevented the judiciary from functioning fully, independently and efficiently," the report said.

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