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"Inflating" the administration/ Alimehmeti: The contract is for 3 months, the promises made by the government are free

"Inflating" the administration/ Alimehmeti: The contract is for 3

The head of the list for the Municipal Council of the "Together We Win" coalition, Ilir Alimehmeti, has stated that the inflation of employment in the administration on the eve of elections is done for electoral effects.

According to him, many of the contracts given for employment are only for 3 months. Invited to an interview for "Panorama TV", Alimehmeti stated that nothing is done randomly in politics, but there is always a scheme "under the table".

"And this has an electoral effect. In politics, nothing happens by chance, there is always a pattern or a scheme underneath. And if you see, almost all the contracts are 3 months. I am not against the employment of people in the administration, but not to be used for election periods. People cannot think only about today. They should think about their children. This is the responsibility of a voter. In 2019, there was no candidate, he was alone. How many thousands of invalid votes were there in the box? Only the administration and those who were taken by force voted. They knew that he alone would win. Thousands of invalid votes. It was people from that administration who are understanding where we are going. It was a farcical process. He was a minority of Tirana and they condemned him by putting a cross on him. These same people are and have been added after 4 years", said Alimehmeti.

Among other things, Alimehmeti said that the promises given by Rama for the salary increase are worthless, as he expressed his desire that these words be put on paper.

" Promises are free. They are promises and we have not seen them in decisions. When a real vindication was made, he gave an official statement, I don't appreciate the words spoken up and down. He said that they are not able to pay this bonus for pensioners. What was the money after one month? Therefore, I tell you that these are potentially the promises. First of all, he has the task of indexing the salaries. There is a board that stood for almost a year. What action was taken on this board? How the persons were judged. They violated the Constitution for a year, and what measure was taken? These are just promises, that they feel inviolable

3-5 years ago there were people walking like God on earth here. Where are they today 2-3 years later. The same situation is today. The promises are not based on finances, said the minister. What changed in these weeks in public finances. I consider them electoral promises. I would really like them to be put on paper ", said Alimehmeti.

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