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Godole 'abandons' Alibeajn: It is dishonest to keep the seal, to give to what the democrats want!

Godole 'abandons' Alibeajn: It is dishonest to keep the seal, to give

The member of the Presidency of the DP, Anila Godole, both an academic and a teacher, has spoken about the candidacies of this political force for the local elections on May 14.

Invited to the "Debate" by Alba Alishani on A2CNN, Godole has brought to attention the fact of what happened in the long meeting of the sw Presidency organized by the ALibeaj side where it was decided that 20 candidates would run.

She expressed her disagreement, saying that she would have liked there to be 61 names, or else there was no reason why the seal should be kept from them and taken to the DP, which has the most support of the Democrats.

" I personally would have liked 61 candidates. This is also what I defended during the past week, that we had debates. So far there are 20, not 16. Let's hope that it will advance further. Of course, it is not what was expected from the Democratic Party.

It's sad. I understand that the SP is happy about this situation, but for the citizens it is certainly not good news for the Albanians to come out with a divided opposition and in the state it is in until now.

As I said, all the time what I have defended in the Presidency, I saw that most of them had long sought to run in 61 municipalities, that is, with 61 candidates. What I noticed was that some of the leadership did not agree with this.

At the moment when the party is not prepared for "war", let's say, for elections, then it is not fair to keep the stamp that was fought for so much. And I told him this sentence: Take this seal, melt the official Democratic Party, take them to where it seems that the majority of the Democrats are ," said Godole.





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