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Open to discussions with the Democrats?, Berisha: Except for Basha-Alibeaj who have criminal ties to Rama

Open to discussions with the Democrats?, Berisha: Except for Basha-Alibeaj who

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has expressed that he is ready to sit down in discussions with any deputy of the Democratic Party, except for Lulzim Basha and Enkeled Alibeaj, who according to him have criminal ties to Prime Minister Rama.

Berisha: " With the exception of two people who have terrible criminal ties to Edi Rama, with all the other deputies I am ready to do any kind of debate, discussion, after in a fundamental act the candidates of the Primary supported the de facto DP statute.

This is their investment, this does not happen for Berisha. PD is completely open to them. Not that I don't take a step back, but I take steps forward by inviting all of them to sit down and discuss, to decide for the best for DP, the opposition and the future of the country.

Based on what has happened in the last few days in DP, are you ready to negotiate your approach to leadership for the sake of joining this part of the DP party and the ambition of this party to be a worthy rival in the 2025 elections? of the Party? 

Berisha: The statute has all the spaces for any initiative of its members. I stand by the statute correctly, the party is not built on the basis of wishes, but on the basis of rules and principles.

There are two statutory provisions, that when the president loses an election, he is voted out. And the second in the general election, he leaves if he loses. No other type of determination outside of this serves DP.

Do not forget that Albania is the country where, in the literal sense of the word, a coup d'état was made against the Albanian opposition with the sole purpose of strengthening Rama's mafia power.

This war did not start with Berisha, but in 2015, with the efforts to exclude the opposition from the election processes in the most diabolical ways.



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