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Interpellance/ Salianji mocks Çuçi: Thank you that we found you and announced you as wanted. What are the measures for crime?

Interpellance/ Salianji mocks Çuçi: Thank you that we found you

Democratic MP Ervin Salianji called today the Minister of the Interior Bledi Çuçi for questioning about the level of criminality, the situation of order and security, as well as illegal immigration.

Salianji started his speech by mocking Çuçi, and then raised concern that criminal events are happening periodically.

He also drew attention to Britain's concern about the growing number of Albanian immigrants. Salianji addressed some questions to the minister, related to the government's measures.

"Mr. Minister, thank you that we found you, that we declared you wanted, we can't find you anywhere. We see you every day and we can't catch you. Criminal events, periodically. I asked for this interpellation in the conditions when Albania was daily in the violence of organized crime immediately after the criminal events at the beginning of September. They are continuing periodically and permanently.

The concern we have about the illegal trafficking of Albanian citizens that filled the main British media throughout the summer and September while the government did not have a public reaction, no longer to bring the traffickers to justice. Does the government and the Ministry of the Interior have a plan to fight crime and illegality, what is this plan? Does the State Police structure have a written objective to work towards?

What are the measures taken by the government to fight organized crime? You stated that the director general of the State Police was dismissed due to failure to meet the objective. What are the objectives of the Ministry of the Interior in the field of order and security, was there a deadline, what are the objectives that were presented to the Rrumbullaku police director", said Salianji.

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