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"We are in an unprecedented situation", Berisha: In 8 years we have lost 35% of the population

"We are in an unprecedented situation", Berisha: In 8 years we have

The Democratic Party organized a conference on the topic of Depopulation or the undoing of Albania: from the "Cubrillovic Doctrine" to the "Rama Government". In this event, Vaso Čubrillović's book "Deportation of Albanians" was presented and Sali Berisha was also present.

In his speech, Berisha said that this book is more relevant than ever for every Albanian. He stated that in the last eight years our country has lost about 35 percent of its population.

"We gather for a debate about the doctrine of Vaso Čubrillović and I want to thank Mr. Shahu and Duraku for publishing this book that today is more relevant than ever for every Albanian."

"These years we experience the most serious crisis of our existence since the 1870s. Albanians were faced with the alternative: to be or not. Apart from themselves, very few were those who accepted them for the time. The High Gate and Jolldiz Palace were ready to declare Greeks, Slavs, all Albanian Christians, in order for the Albanians to present them as the Ottomans of Europe."

"We raised our voice first with a rifle. It was that resistance that was made to the decisions of the Congress of Berlin, mainly in the areas of the Alps, which proved that these were a nation. The Renaissance shaped the doctrine of Albanianness, a Western doctrine, and the nation took the road. "

"Since that time, we have gone through dangers. That is why I say that today, after 1870, we are in an unprecedented situation.
In the event that during the First World War, Albanian land was invaded by 7 foreign powers where genocide was applied from all four sides, however, the lost Albanian population is 10 percent."

"Today we have the most accurate statistics we have ever had in history. In 8 years, we have lost only in the Schengen area, 937 thousand Albanians, over 1 million if you also count other countries, that is, about 35 percent of the population in Albania.  Never in history has a nation lost so much."

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