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"There are parasites in the municipality who do not know why they are paid", Korreshi and Nallbati debate with the official of 'Territorialja'

"There are parasites in the municipality who do not know why they are

The meeting of the Territorial Reform Commission was accompanied by debates. During the hearing session with representatives of civil society, the two PD MPs Bledion Nallbati and Saimir Korreshi raised questions that put the representative Albana Dhimitri in a difficult position.

Nallbati said that there are many 'parasites' in the municipality today who consume Albanians' taxes, and employees who do not even know because they receive their salary.

On the other hand, Korreshi raised as a problem the services offered in the local units. The MP said that apart from the digitization that the government talks about, the quality of services leaves much to be desired.

Dhimitri answered the deputies saying that the state creates a minimum national standard available to the municipalities and that today's debate cannot take place focusing on the salary fund.


Nallbati: I have two direct questions. He said that the revenues of the municipalities have increased. Do you see this as better efficiency of the municipalities or maybe it is related to the increase of taxes and local fees. Second, you say let's not deal with the salary fund. Today there are more parasites consuming Albanian taxpayers' money in local government units. Today, there are many employees who receive their salary without knowing what their job is, without going to work for a single day.

Korreshi: Have you ever been in the field to see? Second, is it normal that 14 municipalities were merged into 12 existing municipalities? If you went down to the field, what is offered in the administrative units? I am not referring to Tirana, we who sleep down there are in trouble. Now you have digitized them, but those deserts have not come down to Lushnje for several years, not to have digitization. They plant watermelons there. How is it possible that today there are more employees in the administration even though we have digitized the services? Do you know that Lushnja's schools have been closed since 2015 and that 5 primary classes teach in one class with one teacher. This co-governance law adds or removes this autonomy. Now where is the quality of service? Has the quality of service increased in other municipalities? Did you make a report? Villages have been left barren.

Dhimitri: There is a concept called the minimum national standard. The state creates those laws and obligates the municipalities to create the minimum national standard. Every citizen benefits from a minimum standard of services and municipalities compete with each other to achieve these standards. The debate does not return to the salary fund. Conceptualizing a reform is about where you look at local government, it's about the role you want to give to local government.


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