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"There is pressure and threats of dismissal", Cara: Vangjush Dako's gang leads Durrës

"There is pressure and threats of dismissal", Cara: Vangjush

The candidate of the opposition coalition for Durres, Igli Cara, spoke about the local elections on May 14. Invited to the "Open" program of News 24, he said that Vangjush Dako has left the coastal city in a very miserable state.

Cara added that in the May 14 elections, despite the fact that the opposition is facing a gang that steals votes, they will work hard to emerge victorious.

"This decision is an expression of the necessity for an opposition synergy. If I refer to the numbers, there are also small opposition parties that have joined the opposition coalition in Durrës. I respect a part of the SP administration that is not related to this gang , but as of today they are under pressure."

"There are threats of dismissal and many others. Starting from Mr. Dako, his gang has been leading Durrës for so many years and he is not a mayor but behaves like the owner of Durrës. He has mismanaged public funds. The results in Durrës , there is a very small difference."

"But we must take into account that he used all the elements, starting from the construction funds. All public money was invested to stimulate the people who are close to Mr. Dako. These elections are not political, they are administrative and we are talking about elections that will manage the city."

The entire opposition is united like never before. I tell you that this whole race should be focused on the fact where the city will be managed. I say that the city of Durrës must make a big change. In Durrës, there are 5,000 students who are still on two shifts," he said.

Question: You report a gang, theft of money, etc. But how will you win?

"I showed that the presented results are not the real ones. We are working hard so that the result of May 14 is the real one. We are facing a gang. Today in the Durrës municipal council, 39 decisions were made in one day that go to give benefits to citizens that can be translated into votes. I am in this race not just to highlight what has been done wrong, but to show the changes we will bring."

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