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Kelliçi: Unity in PD, but with Berisha as the leader

Kelliçi: Unity in PD, but with Berisha as the leader

Belind Kelliçi accepts the idea of ​​Jorida Tabak and Gazment Bardhi that efforts should be made to unite, but he does not accept that the voting mechanism in DP is not recognized.

"Even Gazment Bardhi and Jorida Tabaku tell the truth, that we should sit down for a union and unification of the opposition to talk about a union of the opposition, where the main focus should be the overthrow of Edi Rama and the fight with each other." - said Kelliçi, who speaks about the grassroots vote, when asked how the opposition can unite, being led by Mr. Berisha, when it was divided because it was led by Berisha and Basha and that a different result cannot be obtained by the same people.

The opposition is joined by those leaders that the members themselves choose to lead them. Enter and prove yourself by voting. The voting mechanism must be accepted. Everyone has their own shares. Why is a man who has the biggest shares told to leave? Then come and eat.' - said Belind Kelliçi about the show "Pa Censure".

He asserts the insufficiency of Mr. Berisha to bring DP to power, but does not question his leadership, as long as he has the vote of confidence of the membership.

'No, Mr. Berisha is not enough to lead PD to victory. It takes many times more than Mr. Berisha. Those who do not accept it are declared non garta by the base. To go down to the base and ask the base. To see the reality on the ground. They do not accept the vote. Get in and beat Berisha with your vote. I think that a politician gets votes away. As long as he is not eligible to vote, he must leave. In PD, anyone who wants to remove Mr. Berisha, can defeat him with a vote.' - said Belind Kelliçi. 

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