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Kelliçi: Another protest next week for Veliaj's departure

Kelliçi: Another protest next week for Veliaj's departure

The member of the Presidency of the Democratic Party, Belind Këlliçi, through a post on social networks, Këlliçi declares that the accusations against the officials of the municipality and the mayor Veliaj are not only those of the "5D" file.

Kelliçi also accuses Veliaj of destroying houses in some neighborhoods of the capital to turn them into construction sites, as well as unauthorized floors in towers that officials do not see. Belind Kelliçi has invited citizens to protest again next week.

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Yesterday was the Eid al-Fitr holiday and the mayor did what he has done best all this time. He put on his favorite apron and served the soup of his hypocrisy to the needy. He even said that the month of Ramadan had been a time of reflection for him, for the small mistakes that had been made, while he had done thousands of big things... Yes, Erion Veliaj, you should reflect, but not from the office where you signed, not as as a result of mistakes, but as a result of premeditated plans to extort hundreds of millions of euros from the taxes of those whom today he is pitying with a soup ladle. You must reflect from another place, where you will have more time to think and read the Koran and the Bible, and where you will understand what distinguishes good and honest people from those who steal and cheat.

A few days ago you came to the defense of the directors of the famous company "5D". You were even proud of the good works they had done. In fact, the good thing that Maringlen Qato did was to demolish the houses of the residents and throw them on the street without any bonus or any housing alternative. In the name of public works, houses were destroyed at "Myslym Keta", at "5 Maji", at Kombinat, at "Astiri", to create vacant plots for the projects of the company of corrupt directors and businesses of the municipality yard.

Here in front of the town hall is a tower. There are 7 floors without permission. Neither Qato nor Veliaj have seen it. But if a villager in Zall Bastar or Baldushk, replaces the broken roof tiles or repairs the cow shed, Qato and all the qatos of the municipality gang, will follow his feet until they put him in jail, or pay tribute to the band. While the city, as a result of this management by Qatosh, is getting worse from month to month in an uninhabitable jungle. Beyond Skënderbej Square and the boulevard, Tirana is an unlivable city. No parks, no public spaces, no theater, no circus, no entertainment and educational facilities for children. Everything is at the service of concrete.

While the propaganda office pulls out old photos of the city from the archive and distributes them to foreign media to accompany the paid articles that show that Tirana is a city bursting with development... This hypocrisy, this theft, this mockery of Tirana must end an hour ago. I sincerely thank the citizens of Tirana who came out today in the protest called by the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater and the Opposition.

I thank the Alliance for the Protection of the Theater for their epic 7-year endurance and for the fact that the thugs sheltered in the municipality have started reporting to SPAK since 3 years ago, in January 2021, when they reported the theft through Tirana DC. See you next week at the next protest. We will not retire without removing from office the mayor and the chief thief of Tirana, the actual owner of the incinerator and the 5D organization, Erion Veliajn. Oh today, oh never ✌????

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