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Kelliçi: We are submitting documents for election manipulation

Kelliçi: We are submitting documents for election manipulation

Belind Kelliçi, the candidate of "Together We Win" in the May 14 elections for Tirana, has said that he is dealing with the documentation of the manipulation of the May 14 local elections.

Invited to Abc Neës, Kelliçi said that the document will be submitted to OSCE/ODIHR, while emphasizing that only today 547,000 itinerant voters were discovered, who vote in centers where they do not have their own homes.

"It's only 17 days and you can't finish the analysis. It takes many days. We are not at the analysis stage, but we are trying to complete the document to submit to the OSCE, regarding the manipulation of the election process.

Only today have you seen data that has been made public where 547,000 itinerant voters, who vote in centers, do not have their own homes. The case of an abandoned factory in Kavaja, where 300 voters were registered, has also been made public.

It has nothing to do with whether or not "Bashke Fitomen" won the municipality. There is a very big problem with the double standard that justice has. A little while ago I saw the case of Shkodra, where the deputy head of the FRPD was accompanied, while I have denounced several cases live in the media and nothing has happened" , said Kelliçi.

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