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Kelliçi meets the young people in Tirana: The rafts are back, at these rates Albania is going bankrupt

Kelliçi meets the young people in Tirana: The rafts are back, at these

The candidate of the opposition for the municipality of Tirana, Belind Kelliçi, has held a meeting with the young people of the Devolli area, who live in the capital.

The students raised urban transport in Tirana as a concern, while Kelliçi said that the money that has been poured for the incinerators could be enough to solve the problem of urban transport.

"You know how much it costs to treat and burn trash, which doesn't happen. So you pay for a service that doesn't happen. It's 14 million euros a year, it's 1.3 million euros a month. These lek are enough to solve the whole problem of urban transport in Tirana" , said Belind Kelliçi in front of the students.

He spoke about the massive emigration of young people, where he said that at today's rates, Albania will go bankrupt.

"The situations in Albania have changed a lot during these 8 years. The rafts have returned. Our friends have fled. If we continue to flee at this pace, who will lead this country, the state will fall, go bankrupt, because it no longer has a workforce" , said the Horse.

Furthermore, Këlliçi declared that the race for the local elections on May 14 is not for the flag or the logo, but for the future of the country.

"The political issue is not at stake here, the future of our country is at stake here. It is not at all a matter of party, logo, flag, etc., it is a matter of the future of the country. Will we decide to stay here, will we decide to change it, or will we decide Let's go," Kelliçi said.

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