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"Let it be a new beginning", Berisha: Protest until the overthrow of the government

"Let it be a new beginning", Berisha: Protest until the overthrow of

Chief Democrat Sali Berisha in a meeting with the trade unions declared that the Democratic Party will call the people for protests until the overthrow of the government.

Berisha also spoke about the increase in salaries, which according to him will have an increase of up to 2-3 times. 

" Salaries. In the years 2005-2013, I had a constant dialogue with the Health and Education union. You have witnessed that the salaries of these two sectors more than doubled. With the debt that Edi Rama has taken these 8 years, the salaries should have tripled, without any difficulty. If the public sector leads with salaries, the private sector is obliged to follow step by step. But when the public sector makes an increase in 4 years to cheat for votes, the private sector has no interest in following it. So salaries will be an absolute priority. 2-3 their duplication.

Was there a chance, absolutely was. He borrowed 500 billion, did he build anything during these 8 years, where did he take this money? He stole this money by building a 1 km highway that costs a maximum of 2 million euros, building it with 24-22 million euros. By building a school in the middle of Tirana with 5 million euros, because this thief wants euros.

In Tirana, they build 3 groups. It is built by the international community and has entrusted UNDP with supervision. With how much it is built, 680 thousand euros, because it is standard. There is a manual that defines every price, cost, volume and material.

Whereas Erion Veliaj builds schools with 5 million, 4.2 million and 3 million, all the others. Because he steals and only steals. Where do you get them? Do you have in mind the education tax that every family in Tirana has imposed?

Let's consider this a new beginning. The well-known publicist wrote these days; my country, so to speak, an orphan, without unions. Let's answer the Albanians that the union is standing, ready and I guarantee you that PD will be in your total support. It is ready for the Albanians, in sustained protests until the fall of this government, at the most convenient and appropriate moment that we will decide together" , declared Berisha.

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