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The drowning of the 14-year-old in Seman, Berisha issues the denunciation: The mayor is guilty, she stopped the economic aid

The drowning of the 14-year-old in Seman, Berisha issues the denunciation: The

The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, has made public a denunciation that was received at his address by a citizen. The denunciation published on Facebook is related to the drowning of the 14-year-old boy in the Seman river, while he was fishing.

The citizen says that the victim's family was in difficult economic conditions, so the 14-year-old worked and fished, and gave the money to his mother to live.

In the denunciation published by Berisha, the citizen accuses the Mayor of Roskovec, Majlinda Bufi, of being the cause of the drowning of the 14-year-old. According to the citizen, the mayor has cut off economic assistance to the 14-year-old's family, which has forced the latter to fish to secure income.

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He accuses the mayor of the drowning of the 14-year-old in the river in Roskovec.

She took away the economic aid.

Read the digital citizen's complaint. sb


I am a resident of the village of Suk-1 in the municipality of Roskovec. I want to denounce the mayor Majlinda Bufi as the person who drowned the 14-year-old boy of Novrus Sakes who drowned in Lum. Why do I say this? We all know the deserted Nowruz family in the village. They are at their peak. Scan bread to eat. Novrusi himself has been dead for 4 years. No one cares about those toads. Some toads have other problems. Only this boy who was punctual worked in greenhouses to feed others. He used to give the leather he was getting to his mother. He went and hunted for fish to provide a meal. Now that this family of 100 has no bread to eat, Majlinda Bufi, as mayor, removes the economic aid. From what Majlinda took away his economic aid, this boy went to the river to fish because he couldn't feed himself. This municipality has eyes and a heart to think when it takes away the economic aid. That's why I say that Majlinda the owl drowned him in the river because he is so cruel in spirit. As Erjon Velija killed that boy in the tyrant, Ardit Gjoklajn was drowned in the river by Majlinda Cuni of the deserted Novruz. Majlinda is a criminal at heart. It's the truth. Thank you.

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