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Meta joins PD: Everyone in protest on February 11, Rama's departure is vital

Meta joins PD: Everyone in protest on February 11, Rama's departure is

The chairman of the PL, Ilir Meta, has confirmed the union with the DP in the February 11 protest. He called on the citizens to stand up against Rama's regime to remove him from power.

Meta blamed Rama for the departure of young people from the country, high corruption, etc. He further emphasized that the head of the government bribed the former FBI agent to harm the opposition.

"Today, his departure is vital and decisive, as the fiercest enemy of the freedoms and rights of Albanians, of the rule of law and democracy in the country.

Edi Rama is universally proven to have financed influence peddling with corruption money and used his position to hold power in an illegal and mafia-like manner, corrupting even a former high official of the FBI and severely compromising relations with USA, which for him have always been relations of affairs and not of values.

Therefore, we invite all Albanians to join on February 11, at 12:00 in a national protest against this regime that treats Albanians in the most inhumane way by stealing them mercilessly and driving them out of their country through an anti-national agenda of depopulation.

The opposition will stand against this enemy of their freedoms until the final removal of this mafia and corrupt regime in every cell" , said Meta.

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