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Civil disobedience/ Berisha: Take blocking actions, everything justifies the overthrow of a dictatorship

Civil disobedience/ Berisha: Take blocking actions, everything justifies the

" The battle that takes place in the parliament must and can take place at every nerve point of this regime, of this country. We
must respond to his unconstitutional attitude with all the means of civil disobedience.
The ordinary protest would be satisfied , that it is sadistic, but we must give up the usual protests.
Our protests must block the regime. Which does not hesitate to show all kinds of hostilities.
Will we agree to deceive the Albanians? No. I understand that the elections that passed had a series of weaknesses and flaws.
But these never justify that Bajr, Pëllumb Gjokat, etc. vote our votes.
Election day is for voting, it is not for conflict, it is not for weapons. No. Time before them it is for battle, for battle without return.
And Edi Rama and I have no choice.
Therefore, we must do everything to engage our membership, our supporters, the youth in action without return, in battle without return. It is up to
you in the districts where you are, in the branches where you are, to study the most nerve-racking points and take blocking actions and attitudes. We do not back down from anything.
Everything justifies the overthrow of a dictatorship. This requires sacrifice, this requires courage. Every means of civil disobedience is constitutional, it is legitimate against a regime, against a person who has usurped all the powers.
In case we decide to stay as we are staying in parliament, I guarantee you that his time is short. That there is no gang dictatorship that can resist the revolt of a people.
But the revolt must be a revolt.
Therefore, I invite you, I invite all the leaders of the branches, I invite all our members, our sympathizers, to re-evaluate the situation we are in once again.
Whoever feels free, we say that his freedom is a sham. However, enjoy it if you want.
But those who have the political conviction that political pluralism is vital, is crucial for a nation, for a family, for a society to move forward, should join us. We have to talk, invite them.
For them, Edi Rama is as much an enemy as for us. We are waging a war for our ideals, we are waging a war not for the DP, we are waging a war for Albania, for political pluralism, for Albanian society.
This will also be the leitmotif of the Assembly."

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