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Berisha's 'non grata', Bardhi: I listen to strategic partners, but I work with whoever strengthens the party

Berisha's 'non grata', Bardhi: I listen to strategic partners,

The head of the DP Parliamentary Group, Gazment Bardhi, says that he listens to the advice of strategic partners, but he will work with whoever strengthens the Democratic Party.

Regarding the latest statement of the US Embassy, ​​after the Court of Appeal gave the seal and logo to Sali Berisha's group, Bardhi told News24 that there is no change in the American position regarding cooperation with non grata persons.

Commenting on the decision of the Appeals Commission in the United Kingdom that rejected the appeal of Sali Berisha, Bardhi said that his position in relation to Great Britain does not change even after this decision.

Bardhi said that a political party is not united only with the president. " I don't think Mr. Berisha alone can lead PD to victory, but we can all do it together ," said Bardhi.

He said that he has publicly stated that it will be the DP membership that will decide the candidate for Prime Minister, if the party wins the elections, not just the Prime Minister, but the entire governing team.

As far as the election reform commission is concerned, Bardhi said that the socialists do not have the will to move forward with this reform.

"We have made our proposals regarding the electoral reform, starting from the decision of the Constitutional Court on the vote of immigrants, as well as the recommendations of the international institutions that monitor the elections" , said Bardhi.

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