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Suspicious payments from offshore? Kryemadhi: I didn't have and I don't have a bank account abroad

Suspicious payments from offshore? Kryemadhi: I didn't have and I

The MP of the Freedom Party, Monika Kryemadhi, has responded to the accusations raised in some media, as well as to Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding the accusations that he has several bank accounts and suspicious payments from offshore companies controlled by Russian businessmen.

In a press release, Kryemadhi denied these accusations, saying that he did not have and does not have any bank account abroad.

Kryemadhi has called on the justice institutions to open an investigation and verify her figure.

Kryemadhi : There are some sources that I trust, they have convinced me that Edi Rama, the close friend of the Balkan plans with Aleksander Vucic, may have used the services of the Israeli Tal Hanan, to produce the slander campaign against my name, which has shot in the mouths of the governors and the media connected with them these last days.

("Team Jorge" of the leader Tal Hanan, has a wide activity in the Balkans and Tal Hanan is a well-known name even for the security bodies of our partner countries)

I want to clarify before the public opinion that Monika Kryemadhi did not have and does not have any bank account outside the territory of Albania.

I want to confirm that I have no business relationship outside the territory of Albania.

And I have never been a shareholder in any private company, neither inside nor outside the country, in my life.

The reason for the engagement by Edi Rama, of services similar to those that Tal Hanan has offered in the service of the Serbian people, as stated by the OCCRP, are related to only one thing:


I, as the accuser of the incinerators, do not go back after my accusations, for the flagrant facts of violation of the law by Edi Rama, Erion Veliaj, Armando Subashi, and all the chain officials of this mafia group.

To all Albanians, I want you to know that these disinformation services are all funded by your money.

So the money for the incinerators does not stop. Because then, Erion Veliaj pays the incinerator of Tirana every day, which you have seen in the video that there the waste is neither treated nor burned, but only thrown away in a primitive way.

Because, with the money that Erion Veliaj pays the incinerator of Tirana, national media inside the country and contractors of the dark world that offer the most dubious services are bought.

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