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Free professions/ Tabaku: The government forgives taxes to oligarchs, taxes every free entrepreneur

Free professions/ Tabaku: The government forgives taxes to oligarchs, taxes

On behalf of the DP Parliamentary Group, MP Jorida Tabaku has sent the lawsuit to the Constitutional Court for the Taxation of Self-Employed Professionals.

In a post on social networks, Tabaku writes that a freelancer will be taxed up to 50% of their income, while the oligarchy businesses that have benefited from 5-star hotels and monopolized the market and the state economy are exempt from taxes.


On June 18, the Constitutional Court will examine the case sent by the Parliamentary Women of DP and at least 4 other interest groups; Taxation of Free Professions.

An unfair taxation that is placed in the pockets of 30 thousand free professionals. while a large business is taxed at 15%, a freelancer who has spent years to grow professionally and to offer a service is taxed with papers up to 23% but in reality his taxation goes between 30% to 50 %.

A 5-star hotel in the middle of Tirana, or a resort that is built in the south/north pays reduced taxes, while the services it offers have 5% VAT. A freelancer who works every day to secure a work contract will have to pay up to 50% tax.

The dishonest and corrupt fiscal system that the socialist government has put in place promotes dishonesty while exempting from taxes an oligarchic minority that has monopolized the market while taxing up to 50% every free entrepreneur in the field of free professions.

This is a dishonest and corrupt system that must be overthrown because it is unconstitutional! Therefore, on June 18, we should be waiting together for a decision that should bring us back to the tracks of the constitution!

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