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Shehu: Rama's legs are shaking from the DASH report, we are heading towards autocracy

Shehu: Rama's legs are shaking from the DASH report, we are heading towards


Democratic MP Tritan Shehu has said that with the latest DASH report, his legs have been shaken due to criticism and remarks from the State Department.

For Syri TV Studio, Shehu said that what is happening in Albania today is a serious violation of human rights and human dignity. Speaking about the attack on "Prestige Resort", Shehu said that with this act, the government ridiculed the DASH report.

"What is happening in Albania is a serious violation of human rights, freedoms and dignity in the country. The decisions they brought and yesterday's result shows that Albania is not on the path of democratization, Europeanization, but we have a shift from democracy to autocracy.

These scenes that we are seeing are similar to the lines of 1945, and they should concern everyone, since the ones who guarantee democracy in the country are the Albanians, and a reaction is needed for this.

What Rama did yesterday was a mockery of the DASH report, which has severely criticized the Albanian Prime Minister for exactly such an element. He wanted to show not only arrogance but also that Albania's path is not straight to the west, which will not be tolerated by the Albanians and they will give him the deserved punishment.

Those who are afraid make such reactions to hide their fear and the feeling that they are shaking their legs. The public opinion of Albanians must be sensitized that the protection of property, freedom and rights are sacred and should not be violated by anyone for anyone. The embassy must react to this scandal in the country because it is a line that has been determined by the DASH report regarding the destruction and attack on the free media" , said Shehu.

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