Albania has no place for examination of cannabis seeds, 'spinach seeds' punish the citizen

Albania has no place for examination of cannabis seeds, 'spinach

The piranhas brought back the problem with the expertise of cannabis seeds in Albania. Seeing that the cases of seizure and seizure were increasing year after year, the need for a structure for the expertise of these seeds arose, and the General Prosecutor's Office asked the Ministry of Agriculture for help.

And the latter appoints a specialized directorate at the Fushë-Kruje QTTB.

But what happened next? Due to a reconstruction in this structure, in March 2021, the incumbent Ilir Salillari, sent a letter to 4 other QTTBs, the same as the institution he was leading, to start the expertise of suspected cannabis seeds.

After this absurd order, only two QTTB agreed to cooperate with the prosecution, Vlora and Lushnja. Vlora immediately withdrew. Only Lushnja remained. In order to see closely how the procedures were from taking over the seeds to their planting, in March of 2022, colleague Aida Topalli would enter this QTTB. And there we discovered the truth of the security in which the evidence of the prosecution was found.

The then Minister of Agriculture, Frida Krifca, immediately after the publication from our side would send this letter to the chief prosecutor Olsian Çela, in which she asks him to sign an inter-institutional cooperation agreement, with the object of cooperation for carrying out the planting process and growing cannabis plants.

The letter is dated March 15, 2022. More than a year and a half has passed since then. Has this agreement been signed that would lead to the expertise within the law of suspected cannabis seeds?

For this, we addressed a letter to the General Prosecutor's Office, which informs us that according to the agreement with the General Directorate of the State Police, after March 27, 2023, the cultivation and examination of seeds and seedlings of suspected narcotic plants will be carried out by the Institute of the Scientific Police.

So on March 27, 2023, exactly one year later. A long time coming, but better late than never. And we ask for a copy of this agreement. To our surprise, the answer that comes to us, can only be considered serious. After we were informed in the letter dated October 20 that an agreement had been reached between the General Prosecutor's Office and the General Directorate of Police for the examination of the seeds and seedlings of suspected narcotic plants...

Only 10 days later, with another official letter, we are denied such a fact. In this letter, the General Prosecutor's Office explains to us that it had not confirmed to us in any case that there was an agreement with the General Directorate of the State Police.

Below in the letter, it is explained to us that there is a correspondence through which an agreement has been reached for the administration of the process. In addition to receiving two documents that contradict each other, we understood something, that the prosecutor's office and the General Directorate of Police have correspondence with the aim of reaching an agreement. Another Oscar-worthy finesse of words.

And while the parties are making correspondence, what is known for sure is that at this moment, no institution of the Albanian state conducts expertise on seeds and plants suspected of being cannabis sativa...

The latest case is Zamir Malaj, who was arrested by the Police 2 months ago for 6 cannabis sativa plants and 3100 spinach seeds. He is currently under house arrest and is serving his sentence in the village of Cakran in Fier.

'I have been here for two months. The police came and arrested me for 6 cannabis plants that my mother had planted. I don't know anything about them. I was also arrested for 3100 medemek cannabis seeds, but they are spinach.

I also told those who are spinach seeds. I don't know if they did an expertise or not, but I know that the spinach in my land has sprouted and we are making pies with it.

We don't know if Zamiri is telling the truth or not, but we know for sure that the impasse over cannabis seeds causes accused persons like Zamiri to stand by, rightly or wrongly.

Taken from Syri TV

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